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Feeling swamped? We can help!

You deserve some proper recognition, and some proper guidance.


Getting into college or university is a major accomplishment. It is a gateway to your future, and a first step on a career path. The next few years may well be the most awesome you have ever experienced. It is all of the things people say it is and a whole lot more.


You already know how much time and effort it took to get you this far. What you may not know is just how big the step you took actually is.

Did you know that the highest dropout rates at the university level happen in the first year? In Canada, the national average for dropouts in the first year has been as high as 15%! That is a huge waste of talent and effort.


Most first year students are excited and more than a bit nervous. The confidence that carried you through the summer tends to vanish in the first big lecture. In a very short period of time they go from confident to confused, from overjoyed to overwhelmed. The reality of what you are doing sinks in pretty fast.

Research indicates that most students drop out not because they are not smart enough, but because of a lack of proper planning.


While it is always best to plan ahead of time, it is not too late!


Our live online workshop

will help guide you through your first term,

and beyond!

Led by Dr. Chris Erickson, Ph.D.

Tuesday, October 2 (PART I) and Thursday, October 4 (PART II)

4:00pm - 5:30pm

The course consists of two 90 minute sessions (live online) that will cover a range of issues and practical techniques including:

  • time management

  • study skills

  • critical thinking

  • balancing social and academic life

  • dealing with stress

  • and many others!

Included with the workshop is a resource workbook that you can tailor to your school and your program. 

Price: $99

With you tuition, you also receive 3 months of access to the recorded files

(for future reference or in case you missed something).

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Register Now!

You are in.

The question now is,

"How do I stay in?"


Life at college or university is a whole lot different than life in high school. You are going to be presented with a huge range of new challenges. In fact, you are probably faced with them now.


It just makes sense to let someone who has done it already guide you through!

If you are like most students, you probably thought you were ready, and it is now dawning on you that maybe there is more you could have done. The good news is IT IS NOT TOO LATE!

Sign up now for our live webinar that will provide you with a set of tools to help carry you through your first term and serve you throughout your time at college or university.


The workshop is designed to serve the needs of students in all disciplines on any campus.

YES! Guide me through!