Going to University

It is more than just changing schools!

Congratulations! Choosing to continue with your education is a decision that will make a life-long difference. It will have a direct and positive impact on your job prospects and lifetime earnings. You will have to opportunity to stretch and expand your mind in ways you have not even considered yet. You will make friends and have fun. You will face challenges.

At Smooth Space Education, our task is to ensure that the process of transitioning from high school into higher education and into your own adult life is as smooth as possible.

Do you remember your first day of high school? Were you excited? Nervous? Lost?  Maybe a bit scared (just a bit)?

Most people are. Most people also report that going to college or university is that same way, only much, much more so.

Imagine you could go back and speak to yourself before that first day of high school, knowing what you know now. What would you tell yourself? What would you do differently? Do you think that kind of information might help make things a whole lot easier?

Now imagine that kind of information was available to you before you start at college or university. Do you think it would help?


If so, then you are in the right place.


Perhaps you can't come back from the future to talk to yourself, but you can learn from a group of academics, students and professionals who see it every day. That is our aim at Smooth Space Education: to provide you with the tools you might not even have known that you need to make your life as a college or university student as easy as it can be.

What you need to know

Preparing for university is more than choosing the right school. It is more than filling in the application. It is more than getting that acceptance letter. The transition from high school to college or university is a change in your entire lifestyle. There are plenty of books and web sites available on “how to succeed at University.” Many of them concern themselves primarily with academic tips, but there is much, much more that they leave out. They are often written by people with no more than an undergraduate degree, and are based on simple anecdotal evidence. These can be excellent sources of information, but they lack personalized content and face-to-face interaction.

This is where the Smooth Start program comes into play.

The Smooth Start program, rather than merely providing academic hints, seeks to guide students through the planning and transition process. It provides knowledge of the kinds of problems and issues that might arise, well beyond academics, including those which are not the most obvious but can have a significant impact.  Furthermore, it points students towards existing resources to either avoid the issues altogether or to deal with them if they do come up. 

We offer a “primer” on the difference between high school and university through personal, social, and academic lenses. We offer a blueprint that you can use to locate and customize a wealth of information specific to your school. Whether you have chosen to attend a local college or an international university, the Smooth Start program is designed to help!

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