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Most students look back on their first term and think,


“I wish I knew before I started that…”

A successful first year at university depends on a lot of things: new study skills, new social and personal skills, and knowing how to take advantage of new resources to solve new problems.


The Smooth Start program is designed to help you navigate this new terrain, and empower you to make the most of your first day, your first term, and beyond.

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About Smooth Start


Smooth Start is a six hour workshop that provides detailed information about how to prepare for and deal with the challenges of post-secondary education. It digs into the details of things that you did not know you needed to know.

You will be provided with lecture materials and activities that are easily adaptable to your own educational path. The course also includes a workbook that is customizable to your school and meant to be used as a guide during the hectic start of the upcoming term. No matter what school you are planning to attend, a local college or an international university, the Smooth Start program is for you!

Classes are limited to 50 students and are taught by a dedicated team of academics and graduate students - exactly like college and university courses. They are offered in the Summer months when stress is low and preparation is most effective.

The three primary focus areas:
  • Student finances

  • Time management

  • Living on campus

  • Communicating with home

  • Work/life balance

  • Health and Safety

  • Roommates

  • Friends and relationships

  • Navigating clubs, Greek life, and groups

  • Group study tips

  • Campus resources

  • Party or study?

  • Courses and major requirements

  • Critical analysis

  • Making the most of lectures

  • Labs and tutorials

  • Dealing with Professors and TAs

  • Study skills and tips

What makes us unique?

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While there are a number of educational consultants in the Vancouver BC area that will help you identify and apply to an appropriate school, there is a gap left open between what you have learned in high school and what will be expected of you when you get to university. Choosing the right school is incredibly important. Being prepared so that you can make the most of it is equally important. Once you have chosen a school and been accepted, our job begins.

The Smooth Start workshop has been designed by a group of highly educated, highly trained, acknowledged and awarded educators. Its precepts are based on a familiarity with recent pedagogical research developments, woven with years of firsthand experience teaching incoming students. When it comes time to ask how to best prepare for university, we are the experts you want to turn to.


Each course is taught by someone who has completed a Ph.D. or by advanced graduate students who are chosen based on a track record of excellence in the classroom. All of our instructors have worked directly with first year students, just like you. This is to say that the course itself will provide you with an actual experience of the exact situation you are preparing for.


The net result is that you will receive a face-to-face educational experience that is unparalleled in its professional design and execution.