A Special Announcement for UBC's class of 2021

You made it!

Congratulations, you finally made it to university!

Those first few days are really something. All that work you did in high school finally paid off and that moment you have been preparing for has finally arrived. You made it to campus. You went to your first classes. You have already met new people. It is pretty awesome.

Now that the first few days have passed, you may be noticing a few things. First of all, it has likely become apparent that university is a lot different than high school. Your workload is probably already starting to pile up. You are likely feeling a bit bewildered by all of the social opportunities. Chances are you are feeling a bit intimidated by just how much there is to learn, and how much there is to do. You might be feeling the leading edge of homesickness. You may even have already experienced that creeping feeling of being in over your head. If you are being honest with yourself, you may come to the realization that you are not quite as prepared as you had thought.

It is important to remember that you are not the first to go through this, and that what you are feeling is normal.

The other thing to know is that it is not too late to get the information you need to make the most out of your first term.

Smooth Space Education is delighted to announce that on Saturday, September 30 2017, the first ever Fall Edition of the Smooth Start Workshop will be offered in the Nest on the UBC campus.

Just like its summer counterpart, the workshop will provide you with tips and hints as to how to succeed at the university level. It is suitable for all majors, and all disciplines.

We know that finances can be an issue, and with that in mind if you register with the code UBC2021 you will receive the incredible deal of the full day workshop for only $20! (Just so you know, that comes to almost 90% off the regular price!)

This is a one-time only offer,

and it won't last long!

Spaces are limited to no more than 50 students,

and spots will fill fast!

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