Are you about to make an expensive mistake?

There is no getting around it, post-secondary education is expensive. The following chart shows the cost of tuition alone at a number of local colleges and universities. This does not include books, room and board, or student fees.

The per credit cost of a typical first year course ranges from $95.56 at Langara to $742 at Trinity Western University. A standard single term course counts for three credits, and a typical full course load is calculated at 15 credits.

*After application of $100 early registration discount

A single course at these schools ranges in cost from $286.68 all the way to $2226. If Trinity Western University is dropped from the calculation as the only private school on the list, the average per course cost at public post-secondary institutions in the Vancouver area is $417.81.

For reasons already discussed in another blog post, it is not at all an uncommon thing for a student to fail at least one class simply because he or she was unprepared. While failing a class is not necessarily the end of the world, it is definitely a hassle to say the least.

Lets say you fail a class that is a prerequisite for your desired major. Not only are you required to take the course (and pay for it) again, but your registration for future courses is affected. Since registration dates after the first year are based on GPA, failing a course puts you further down the list. This makes it a lot harder to get into the classes you want or need. A failed class might not be the end of the world, but it certainly does a lot to increase your stress level. Given that most failures are the result of an out of control stress level in the first place, a really nasty feedback loop can be established.

This common but disappointing (not to mention expensive) outcome can be avoided by being properly prepared. The Smooth Start workshop is custom built to do just that.

It is not hard to see that even at full price, the Smooth Start workshop represents a tremendous value. Add in the $100 discount for early registration (use the coupon code EARLY2017) and that value increases even more.

At less than half of the cost of a single course, it can save you the expense of unnecessarily failing a class. In fact, the Smooth Start workshop can pay for itself just by employing some of its strategies for purchasing textbooks alone!

The workshop is more than just a single day of lecture. That is only the beginning. It comes complete with a workbook that is meant to be tailored directly to whatever school you choose to attend. It is also backed by ongoing support from the Smooth Space Education staff and community.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, we would love to hear from you!

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